Personal Essay Questions

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Personal Essay Questions

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Personal Essay questions
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The reason I am pursuing a Doctor of Audiology degree
I have wished to pursue a Doctor of Audiology degree, because of the rising demand for healthcare services related to the communicative disorders across the world. Audiologists are increasingly facing heavy burden due to increasing numbers of hearing disorders across the world. Communication and hearing both enhance networking among people as the methods of expressing our emotions and thoughts. Currently, there is a great gap in the market with fewer professions offering audiology services and communicative disorders. I will take this opportunity passionately by understanding the skills in the course and executing them effectively in my community. Profound issues with audiologists constitute minimizing communicative frustrations and social isolations associated with hearing impairment.
Description of a time where you experienced a failure/setbacks
I have been searching for Universities offering Doctor in Audiology degree for two years. Fortunately, this University is the most convenient point with the best qualities of education in Audiology. However, I did not get a chance for the course last year due to a late request for the course. Currently, I have relocated to the United States of America, and I find the university is approximately 3 miles from my residential estate. Additionally, I am familiar with the place and hopefully, I’ll be …

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