Personal Beliefs and Assumptions

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Personal Beliefs and Assumptions

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Personal Beliefs and Assumptions
Personal beliefs for scientific inquiry depend on the principle and hypothesis in context. My personal belief in science is that it is a blend of both logic and imagination. Science is believed to be composed of various imaginations which evolve from being a hypothesis to arguments and later principles. The principles are believed to have come from imagination since they went through testing and verification process to be scientifically proven principles. Scientific imaginations come from a study of the laws of nature and their effect on certain phenomena (Zeidler, 345).
The validation of scientific arguments proves a personal belief that science is composed of logic. Arguments undergo validation process by carrying out inference, demonstration and common sense. Measurements and collected data are important to analyze and make discoveries depending on the trend of results.
The personal beliefs lead to doubt of some scientific principles. Since the laws underwent validation, some of the data used maybe it was incorrect or biased leading to the wrong conclusion. The belief makes some of the imaginations to be a mere hypothesis but cannot be established scientific laws. For example, the hypothesis that light is composed of small particles called photons is not scientifically proven but just a hypothesis.
The biases in the collection of data occur due to personal polit…

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