Performance-Based Evaluation

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Performance-Based Evaluation

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Staffing plays an instrumental role in providing firms with the relevant task force to facilitate the attainment of organizational objectives. The task of matching employees to the mentioned job description and available position entails a rigorous analysis in which the skills and competencies of every employee are assessed. The ideal candidate must meet the requirements of the firm in terms of academic, ability and personality attributes. The assessment helps the company make informed decisions as to who is the ideal candidate for the job. The paper assesses possible candidates based on the interview, curriculum vitae and cover letters sent for placement at the firm. It identifies Anna and Mohammed as the candidates to consider for employability. It evaluates their experiences, knowledge of their work, and leadership acumen. It assesses their abilities to work with groups and motivation strategies, which would enable them to work in the organization. It recommends Anne because of her experience at the firm and thus the knowledge of its operations. The paper suggests that working with an employee who understands the company, diminishes the costs associated with training and orienting a stranger who would have to learn from scratch about its operations.
Keywords: employee, motivation, leadership, group dynamics, skills,

Performance-Based Evaluation
One of the functions of the human resource department is to ensure that the ideal candidate is selected for a particular…

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