Perform Internet research on gender and nonverbal communication.

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Perform Internet research on gender and nonverbal communication.

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Gender Effects on Non-Verbal Communication
Men and women display different reactions when they intend to communicate among themselves or interact with other people using nonverbal cues. The leading causes of such differences are majorly attributed to the hereditary traits that characterize their masculinity and feminism as well as imitation of the model of same-sex individuals such as parents (Ultius, Inc). The differences in the development of the bone structure between men and women have a profound effect on their non-verbal communication as it affects their walking styles, body shape, and general body posture.
Men and women differ in conveying intended messages using nonverbal cues in several instances. One of them includes the approach in which each gender type applies to communicate with other people. For example, men interact with the intention of transmitting information and solving specified issues (Ultius, Inc). On the other hand, women communicate to show their feelings and accomplish the emotional intimacy. Evidence shows that women have a high tendency of applying nonverbal cues in communication compared to men. Other ways through which men and women communicate differently include the use of facial expressions, distance between two people having a conversation, gesticulations, and behaviors. Women use touch to express companionship, while men touching could display a sexual intent. Two men standing close to each other whil…

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