Perceptions and Attributes

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Perceptions and Attributes

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Perceptions and Attributes
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Perceptions and Attributes
There are rewards and punishments for good and bad behaviors, respectively. If at all I decided to drag myself to work despite the gloomy weather; I would have a higher chance of improving my profile. Bonuses and increment of salaries are often the results and rewards of hard work in various organizations. In fact, on such gloomy days, only a few employees show up for work; therefore, giving us an upper hand. It is unfortunate, however, that I may also be tempted to hit snooze and go back to sleep. These actions will be followed by severe punishments along the lines of probation, salary decrement or permanent termination of my job. Obviously, unlike my first choice of leaving for work, the managerial staff may not condone the incompetence of skipping work. It is even more punishable when other employees manage to present themselves at work, regardless of the weather.
“Bad” behavior may be rewarded at work in various ways. Fore mostly, it is evident that some organizations act obliviously of “bad” behavior (Sekerka, 2016). It is necessary for the managerial staff to take into consideration all the “uncouth” behavioral presentations in an organization. By acting in such a manner, it becomes easier to discourage unacceptable habits. “Bad” behavior in organizations is also rewarded through promotion or recognition of incompetent employees (Sekerka, 2016). For instance…

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