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Part 1
Salvador Dali (1931). The Persistence of Memory (1931) Artist: Salvador Dali – Google Search. (2018). Retrieved 24 November 2018, from
The painting by Salvador Dali is quite famous and was painted in 1931. This image has significantly utilized the monocular cues of aerial perception. It has also incorporated relative brightness, relative size, and interposition. The objects that are closer are fine while the one that is further away is murky. On the other, the effects of texture gradient are demonstrated by the fact that the ground becomes finer as we move away. Relative size has been applied since the mountain at the backside appears to be smaller compared to clocks and the table. The interposition makes it possible for the view to see than the tree is on closer proximity than the mountain.
Part 2
Murray Tinkelman. (2010). Gertrude Ederle, America’s Girl (1900 -1950). Retrieved 24 November 2018, from
This image utilized a style called “fadeaway girl” of the Gestalt principle called closure. The image is perceived as incomplete, and it will end up filling up the missing parts. The lamps that are present in the painting are symmetrical and vertically aligned. However, the presence of a woman in the middle changes the overall…

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