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1. The thesis statement is; using consciousness as the core attribute to distinguish humans and robots is making it increasingly difficult to differentiate real and fake.
2. The author’s central argument is that the installation of consciousness into robots makes it exceedingly difficult to distinguish between real and fake creations (History394 par 1).
3. The author argues that consciousness is attributed to others by intuition yet humans are gradually attributing consciousness to inanimate objects such as computers and robots. This argument is persuasive considering that often people are heard personifying the computer by its ability to ‘think.’
4. However, the author’s example of humanoid robots, Ava and Kyoko, is less convincing because the movie is fictional. Besides, Ava’s activity of automatically causing a blackout (History394 par 2)points to the possession of extraordinary powers which is not human-like.
5. Therefore, to strengthen the argument, the writer should base the discussion on real objects such as computers rather than illusory characters portrayed in films. 6. The author claims that the issue of attributing consciousness to an object is a longstanding philosophical problem but fails to cite or give an example of such.
7. The paper carries through its arguments as he associated the story with the thesis statement of the essay.
8. In the second paragraph, the writer giv…

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