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Peer Feedback Directions for “Lifelong Lessons” Essay
The essay meets the assignment topic guidelines. The piece clearly shows the experience of the writer. It has good narrative details about how the writer came to know about writing, the skills, and the lessons that one can learn from literature. The writer talks of the things that have inspired his love for writing like inspiration.
The most crucial moment in the narrative is when the writer came to know that one must have inspiration. The writer learns not to treat any work as flawless or too far beyond anything and that everything must have the motivation. The writer also demonstrates there must be failures to succeed in writing. The narrative is focused as it shows step by step the development of the author’s writing skills from the start to date. However, stories about the essayist’s sister which do not concern the writing experience of the writer should be taken out of the narrative.
The opening paragraph of the narrative is catchy, and that is why it grabs my attention. This paragraph enables me to know what the writer is talking about in the body of the paper. However, the writer should emphasize the topic of the narrative and make the thesis statement more outstanding. The events in the story are significant to the writer as it shows his writing experience. Readers can learn from the description that for one to succeed in something, he or she must have encouragement.

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