Peeping Tom

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Peeping Tom

Category: Case Study

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Level: Masters

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Peeping Tom
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The social issue that need be addressed is the fact that John observes female campus students who are undressing and naked or young couples engaging in sexual activities using binoculars. This issue affects many people on the campus, including the students in the 12-story building dormitory, other dormitories and the people living in the campus sorority houses. This action is harmful to people since they are unsuspecting of the behavior and therefore violating their privacy and dignity. This issue needs to be addressed since when the people realize what John has been doing them can be greatly angered by the situation and can take various serious actions against him. The other social issue is the relationship problem that John and his wife have which can be linked to the sexual disorder portrayed by John. This marriage problem needs to be addressed to help this young couple live a healthy life (Hooley, Butcher, Nock & Mineka, 2017).
John is greatly sexually stimulated when he observes female students when they are naked. He also finds pleasure in watching unsuspecting young couples when engaging in sexual activities. The behavior has been going on for quite a while since he started observing students in the 12-story building and has extended the behavior to other locations
It is difficult to diagnose or assess the sexual disorder that John has due to various reasons. First, the individu…

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