Patient services improvement in health care

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Patient services improvement in health care

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Patient Service Improvement

Patient Service Improvement
The need to address is service improvement to clients in a healthcare organization.
Need Assessment
One of the ways to assess the need for improved patient service is through observation. It will involve observing Patients’ reactions to services provided in the clinic. Also, it will include observations on how nurses and other staffs such as secretary are handling the patients. Interviews will also be conducted to know the views of patients on the services the clinic is offering. Suggestion and question boxes also will be good sources of information on the extent of patient satisfaction to clinic services.
A customer care service desk will be introduced where customers can get assistance, and their complaints addressed. Clinic staff will be taken through a training process on how to serve the patients better (Kitson et al., 2013). A free telephone call number for each department will also be introduced where patients can ask questions or seek clarifications from nurses or even report cases of negligence and other poor services within the clinic. Nurses will also be added to increase patient attention and attendance in areas where they are few.
Need assessment will take two weeks to observe customers and interview them together with analyzing information from the suggestion box. Staff training will take one month for one training session of an hour per every week. …

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