Patient Safety

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Patient Safety

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Patient Safety in HealthCare Setups
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Patient Safety in HealthCare Setups
One of the important aspects of health care management is to ensure the safety of patients under any circumstances. Patient safety can be compromised during different situations and may be attributable to patient dependent factors and patient independent factors. The various patient dependent factors that hamper safety in them include age, dementia or different mental conditions. On the other hand, the patient-independent factors are attributed to the fallacy and inadequacy of the health care systems and associated persons who are associated with caregiving. Moreover, certain pharmacological and interventional complexities also lead to interference with patient safety. Such types of issues include adverse drug interactions, decreased toleration profile for a drug, development of post-operative surgical infections and extension of inadequate and inappropriate care by caregivers. Hence ensuring the safety of each individual who depends on healthcare systems is one of the important challenges all across the world (Brennan, Leape & Laird, 1999).
The importance and maintenance of patient safety are of prime concern, for ensuring positive health outcomes in an individual. Patient safety is a priority for various healthcare organizations and also the regulatory bodies associated with healthcare. The safety of a patient is…

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