Patient Confidentiality

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Patient Confidentiality

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Patient who informed nurse of suicide attempt-A nursing ethics dilemma case study
Nurses usually face many ethical dilemmas when in practice, mostly when handling patients on their end age of aggressive disease. The study illustrates dilemma that is ethical for a nurse who is handling ovarian cancer patient. Mrs. Johnson informed one nursing staff of her suicidal thought but requested that nurse to keep secret not to inform others. The ethical dilemma in this study is “whether the nurse should tell other nurses about Mrs. Johnson’s attempt without her consent”. Getting the best solution for this case favorable moral choice, ethical theories, esthetical ethics, and the American nurses’ code of ethics standards declaration, the related writing to this case are considered before making the decision.
After considering all this factors, in this situation, the most favorable ethical choice for as nurse was to share the information with colleagues. The nurse chose to share information with the colleagues. Nurses together followed suicide and self-harm protocol of the hospital firmly while maintaining effective commutations to identify the cause of her suicidal attempt. Appropriate nursing intervention is provided to tackle this risk situation. The patient is transferred to palliative care service without any signs of suicide attempts or self-harm but peacefully passed away 40 days later after being discharged (Burkhardt& Nathaniel, 2008…

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