Passage analysis essay revision on CATHEDRAL BY Raymond Carver’s

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Passage analysis essay revision on CATHEDRAL BY Raymond Carver’s

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DateRaymond Carver in the passage “Cathedral”
Human beings have many ways of perceiving and interacting with the world around us. We are able to use visual and verbal cues to communicate with each other. From an extract from Raymond Carver “Cathedral” the narrator shows how we perceive people who are visually impaired (Carver, 168). He looks at how the visually impaired person communicates with his wife.
The blunt, insensitive, and indifferent language the narrator uses to describe the blind’s man wedding, marriage, and his wife. Beulah suggests that blindness can manifest itself in many ways, including the figurative form of blindness, and the ignorance toward the feeling of others.
The way the narrator talks about the blind’s man wedding indicates that he has emotional and psychological blindness that he perceives the world only from a visual perspective. For example, he says about the wedding “it was a little wedding-who would want to go to such a wedding in the first place?” (carver 168). He fails to acknowledge that human beings can communicate verbally and relate well to each other.
The narrator has a shallow personality, and he fails to understand why would a blind man have a wedding. “All this without having ever seen what the goddamned woman looked like. It was beyond my understanding” This perception is brought about by the fact that bridegroom is visually impaired. He fails to understand that human beings can still experience li…

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