Participating in Policymaking

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Participating in Policymaking

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Heath Policymaking
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Heath Policymaking
Health legislations play an important role in safeguarding the interests of patients and healthcare consumers. Different countries have their health legislations and regulations for ensuring appropriate and evidence-based practice. Health act preserves injustice and inequality across the concerned stakeholders. Both suppliers and demanders of healthcare interventions should be sensitized and aware of the content of any health bill. Such awareness is necessary to ensure safe and quality healthcare across concerned stakeholders. The present article reflects the content and domain of the health legislation (H.R.4712).
The Content of the Bill
The H.R.4712 act or the Born-Alive Abortion Survivor’s Act establishes the requirements for healthcare professionals to exhibit competence and appropriate certification in managing a child who has survived an abortion or an attempted abortion. The health legislation bill is based on three interrelated perspectives. First of all, the bill emphasizes that the healthcare practitioners who were present at the time of birth of such child to exercise the same degree of care for preserving the life and health of the child like any of their counterparts who were born alive at the same gestational age. Secondly, the bill endorses that the respective child who survived an abortion or an attempted…

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