Part 2 Communication Announcement

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Part 2 Communication Announcement

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Part 2: Communication Announcement
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The business acquisition deals are important in making the required changes in business, especially increasing market shares, employees’ productivity, and profitability. According to Cellier and Laine (2014), 80 percent of merger deals fail due to some factors. Among these factors, communication challenges top the list. Therefore, it is important to ensure that there are effective and engaging strategies for communication both to internal and external stakeholders. In this paper, the two kinds of stakeholders are considered, and important information such as the completion of merging transactions, the objectives, their roles and the process of change implementation are communicated to them. In so doing, the leadership of the company ensures that everyone who is part of the process is well informed, engaged in core activities and involved in decision making (Rivero, 2013). Consequently, the new company is likely to get impressive momentum particularly in employees’ performance and productivity thereby steering it towards the success (Cellier & Laine, 2014). More importantly, the leadership together with the employees, managers, customers, suppliers, and advisor will have prevented destructive mishandling of information and gossips that may discourage the unity needed during the change implementation.
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