Parricide, suicide, incest, and destiny

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Parricide, suicide, incest, and destiny

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The play can be considered a personal autobiography investigation by Oedipus which reveals his tragic past and a great example of the fight between free will and destiny or fate. Oedipus is the character whose decisions and life choices lead to an inevitable destiny prophesied before his birth. He is but a victim of circumstances as his parents initiate the road that leads him to kill his biological father and marry his biological mother as stated by the prophecy. The play showcases the ultimate tragedy where several decisions taken to avoid the catastrophe only work to strengthen it. Oedipus, according to the play, committed parricide by killing his father. He also committed incest by marrying his mother. His mother on realizing the truth commits suicide and leads Oedipus to gouge out his eyes with the long pins of her robes’ brooches (Janet, 2), which in all rounds up all prophecies stated in the play. Destiny is the overall theme expressed in the play. In the end, despite any efforts to avert it, Oedipus fulfills the prophecy that had he been given free will would not have been fulfilled. Free will counters destiny and fate while vice versa is also true.

. King Oedipus Sophocles is a play about a Greek king of the city of Thebes. The play demonstrates the influence of destiny which reflects on the decisions on people’s daily lives. Destiny is well represented by the prophecy while choice is represented by the decisions made in the Sophocles. It all start…

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