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parenting style matter

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Parenting Style Matter
Parenting is an essential act practised by parents on their children to assist the children in their psychological development, general child happiness, self-esteem and success in academics. In the growth of children parents often are obligated to play an important role in ensuring the child they are bringing up is well behaved with attractive personalities. In the world today, parents often tend to use different parenting styles on their kids and the effect for sure has had consequences in terms of adult behaviour as well as personalities. Notably, in normal life, different parenting styles often have various effects on the kids or children. The surprising fact is that if parents are not keen enough their kids may tend to carry over the effects into the behaviour of the adults. Parenting often is tricky and surprising in a way because children raised in absolutely the same kind of environment can grow up into adulthood with different personalities while children raised in seemingly different kind of environment may grow up to develop the same personalities.
One of the most famous parenting styles is authoritarian parenting where kids are often expected to abide by very strict rules set by their respective parents. Punishment is always the result of a child in failing to abide by or follow the strict set rules by latter. Often the reason behind such kind of strict rules never exists especially…

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