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Parent Essay

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Parent Essay
When I look back, I can be more than grateful for what I have today. I had no clue of how future would unfold. However, when I look at my daughter, Rayna, today, I feel accomplished.  Rayna has never seen her father since her second birthday. Nevertheless, Rayna has always surprised me since her childhood. She even continues to surprise me today. With little or no assistance from me, Rayna manages to achieve tremendously in both her academic and nonacademic engagements. When she was born; I used to believe, as a mother, that I would always have to encourage and motivate her to progress. Conversely, in her case, none of that was necessary as she was self-motivated.  As a child, Rayna used to be happy, confident, curious, creative, and conscious of the limitation that she had a single parent. 
Growing up as a child, Rayna wondered why most children had two parents. However, as time went by, this feeling faded away. She finally understood the meaning of having a single parent.  I am glad that Rayna has always been a happy child. Her happiness is not dependent on her material possessions or lack thereof, but rather the focus on what life has to offer and what life can be shaped into. Rayna is dedicated, smart, and expressive. She is not afraid of accepting her failures. Instead, she takes each failure as a lesson to better her performance and status quo. She is always honest with herself and everyone around her. That is why s…

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