Paper Topic for Western Civ 1

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Paper Topic for Western Civ 1

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The Western Civilization (“Socrates: A Man for Our Time”)
Scholars have argued that it is almost impossible for one to publish a book that nearly addresses every individual perceptions and expectation. This scenario can get witnessed in “Socrates: A Man for Our Time” that was written by Paul Jonson that entirely reveals the individual of the stature of Socrates’ life. Such scholars argue so since there are minimal sources that support the work of Socrates that are manifested today and that his contemporaries only portray his work. However, Paul in his book, “Socrates: A Man for Our Time”, project a masterful work about the Socrates and gives a brief insight about his entire life and the contributions that Socrates made.
As indicated above, some scholar has attempted to criticize the title of Johnson’s book taking into account the impact or the contribution of the Socrates that to them seems to be baseless and have limited resources to support. However, when critically analyzed, one get to realize that the title is valid. This claim can get drawn from the ideal life of Socrates where Paul analyzed those facts and aspects that touch on the life of the man of today (Socrates). Johnson tends to shed light in the attempt to analyze the historical dilemmas that took place in Athens, and that shows the worst and best ethical decision making during …

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