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Case Study Applications
Drug addiction and dependence are always characterized by factors such as tolerance, loss of control, withdrawal symptoms and drug interactions. Drug addiction and dependence not only affects the health of the user but also his or her work performance and those around him/her. George’s case study is an excellent example of drug addiction, dependence, and its impacts.
There are instances when George exhibits drug tolerance. He admits to trying to limit himself to two drinks per night but ends up taking more. George even tolerates hard liquor such as vodka. He cannot control his actions as he drinks too much and gambles. Using both alcohol and cocaine exhibits drug interaction. He uses alcohol when he feels so energized by the cocaine and stressed out due to losing money. Withdrawal symptoms are evident days after taking alcohol making him feel nervous. He justifies his behavior that alcohol is necessary to “turn down the volume” and disagrees that his work performance has been affected.
There are also DSM 5 symptoms noted in the scenario. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) is a manual published by the American Psychiatric Association used by both clinicians and psychiatrists to identify psychiatric illnesses (Cherry, 2018). For alcohol, cocaine, and gambling, he exhibits markers of impaired control, risky use, tolerance and withdrawal …

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