Paper on Sigmund Freud

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Paper on Sigmund Freud

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Sigmund Freud’s Impact on Modern Society
In this paper, we intend to focus on Sigmund Freud’s impact on modern society. We shall talk about Freud’s influence on art; literature; and society. We are aware that we intend to cover subjects who are large enough to fill books. That is why we will try to cover them in the best way possible, without leaving behind parts that could help us with our essay.
It is undeniable that Freud contributed greatly in shaping the world we live in today. His theories have greatly impacted the way people saw life. Freud discoveries on the human mind are comparable with those of Einstein regarding physics and Darwin’s on evolution and the origin of the species. Freud’s discoveries revolved around the irrational forces living inside of us, those forces we are not fully conscious about, therefore, are uncontrollable. In a strict sense, humans are not fully conscious of their mental pathways, nor their wishes and desires. (Hoffman 1) That is why, discovering the forces that drive us, is not a small discovery. However, Freud’s discoveries are not only related to psychology and psychoanalysis. Most of Freud’s work can also be extended to areas such as Art; literature; and society. In this essay, we will show the extent of Freud’s work and his influence in the modern world. Freud’s main discovery, the unconscious mind, has been used by main researchers and scholars, to give a …

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