Pandora Radio is operated by Pandora Media, Inc.

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Pandora Radio is operated by Pandora Media, Inc.

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Pandora Radio is operated by Pandora Media, Inc., and deals with music streaming and recommendations through the Genome Project. The company provides its services to a few countries which include Australia, New Zealand, and the US. The services provided by the company include playing different songs in accordance with the genre of the users. The service provider expects that the users provide feedback for the songs that they choose. Such feedback is often necessary as it makes the operators make selections that are desired by the majority of the members. While listening, users can decide to buy the songs they desire through different online outlets. The company desires to prepare a strategic plan that will see them succeed in their future endeavor. Such a plan will only become possible if they align their mission, vision, value statement, and strategic plan. In the process of building the strategic plan, they will also need to consider their stakeholders and the relevant information that pertains to the goals and objectives of the organization.
Research for the strategic planning of Pandora Radio
Planning that is well guided will shape the company’s overall goals and objectives. Through the planning process, the company will endeavor to increase their yearly turnover without much spending. The purpose of planning and preparation of the strategic plan will be to ensure that the company provides services and products that are required by the masses. The company wil…

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