Overpopulation control on the world

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Overpopulation control on the world

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Overpopulation Control and the World
With the passage of time, the human population has increased dramatically all over the world and more specifically, in certain regions. Overpopulation is a situation in which the number of the human population exceeds the capacity of the Earth. Surely, there are a number of factors that includes, better medical facilities, reduced mortality rates and most importantly, massive depletion of the Earth’s precious resources thereby resulting in imbalance called, overpopulation. As part of the development of overpopulation, the countries have harnessed different benefits at the cost of different consequences. Nevertheless, the conditions can become quite severe that the population increment in certain regions is much more serious as compared to other regions of the world. Countries, like China, Pakistan, and India contribute towards the formulation of a massive population of the world thereby leading to deterioration in natural resources, environmental condition and exploitation of every possible resource of Earth. This paper will look forward to develop an understanding regarding the basic causes, challenges and solutions for overpopulation together with advantages and disadvantages of it.
Causes of Overpopulation
There are some causes behind the overpopulation of Earth. Reduction in the mortality rates is one of the most vital aspects of the overpopulation. M…

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