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Overcoming challenge

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Overcoming addiction challenge
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Addiction can be a brain disorder that involves compulsive engagement with a substance or behavior, for the sake of pleasant stimuli. In most cases, addiction has adverse consequences. Addictions include substance abuse such as nicotine, inhalants, and alcohol. Also, someone may be addicted to behavior such as gambling. Research shows that most of these addictive behaviors and activities activate specific brain pathways regarding reward and reinforcement. Addictions lead to mental complications such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Addiction affects the execution functionality of the brain, such that addicts may lack the ability to notice the adverse effects of their behavior. Therefore it is apparent that overcoming addiction is a challenge.
Addiction is a challenge, and it calls for enormous effort and input to overcome it. Overcoming this challenge is a process and not just an event. Research shows that most addicts and substance abusers lead a life of dysfunctional relationships, and most of the times are non-productive and in some instances inflicting harm on themselves or others. However, various treatment programs are seeking to overcome this immense challenge (Sicinski, 2009). These treatments include self-help strategies, psychotherapy, medications, and rehabilitation programs. However, before starting the treatment procedures, most patients face denial where they strive to justify and main…

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