outline for research paper that was already written

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outline for research paper that was already written

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Biological Influences and Challenging Behavior
Title: Biological Influences and Challenging Behavior
Thesis: Many genetic syndromes are associated with several challenging behaviors which affect an individual’s normal function in the society, and they interfere with significant sections of the brains in which most of the syndromes are associated with intellectual disabilities. Some of the genetic syndromes are Down syndrome, Prada-Willi syndrome, Angelman syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and William’s syndrome.
Defining Challenging behavior
Biological influences associated with challenging behaviors
neurological abnormalities
genetic abnormalities
Purpose of the research
Defining the problem: The relationship between the development of challenging behavior and mental illness is viewed as frequent resulting in problems concerning adaptive skills (Lang, Sigafoos, van, O’Reilly, Lancioni, & Didden, 2013).
Examples of biological elements associated with the development of mental problems.
Research question: what are the challenging behaviors exhibited by individuals diagnosed with specific genetic disorders concerning the biological determinants of human behavior?
Challenging Behaviors
Down syndrome
Features associated with down syndrome that include a proportionately large tongue, facial malformations, short physical stature, immature muscle tone, including intellectual, disability
Development of down…

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