Our Failing Heroes in Schools

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Our Failing Heroes in Schools

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“Our Failing Heroes in Schools; Enough is Enough”
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“Our Failing Heroes in Schools; Enough is Enough” by Geoffrey Canada.
In this inspirational talk, Geoffrey Canada cites that although times have changed there is minimal or no changes at all that has taken place in the education systems. Schools are being run the same way they were run 56 years ago. For instance, Geoffrey says that the school business has been reluctant on using science and the entire America holds to one-size-fits business plan within the education system. Most of the issues discussed by Geoffrey are essential and are clearly missing out in our school system. I have been a victim of some of the features in my schooling period. For instance, after joining school my parents and teachers believed that what is being taught will benefit me leaving it all up to me. Although learning is essential there was minimal support offered to me by parents and teachers. I believe that learning should be a collaborative activity between students, parents and teachers with parents not leaving out children to be supported by their teachers only. Additionally, the testing and evaluation processes in our system do not test for knowledge and skills acquisition but the ability to remember consequently, I support Geoffrey in that schools need to test and evaluate students of more significant areas and features. Above all the present learning system has stagnated for long hence keeping…

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