Our Chips Can Make You Safer

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Our Chips Can Make You Safer

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Article Summary
The security of personal and commercial data in laptops, phones, and computers has been threatened. Hackers have designed smart methods to quickly hack into the electronic devices and obtain whatever information they need. Intel, the computer processor giant, is in the spotlight for the design flaws that have compromised data security. Meltdown and spectre were initially meant to deter hackers from assessing the computerized systems. Nonetheless, the hackers have managed to bypass those security features (Hautala 2). Antivirus software has proved inefficient and unreliable since they slow down the processing speed of the computer. With an aim to fix the security loopholes, Intel came up with microcode patches. However, the patches significantly affected the machines; in fact, some computers would laterally shutdown.
To counteract the hacking, Intel has designed chips that have security features installed in them. On the one hand, there is advanced memory scanning tool which is intended to provide security against hard-to-detect attacks by giving Advanced Threat Protection. On the other side, there is advanced platform telemetry. A useful tool that will enhance the speed of security programs, such as antivirus software, running on the computers. Intel has also released encryption keys and password to promote cybersecurity (Hautala 3).
Advanced memory scanning tool, advanced platform telemetry, and the u…

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