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Date:Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy refers to the use of certain activities which help in recovering from mental or physical illness. Occupational therapy practitioners assist individuals of all ages to fully live their lives by promoting health and either preventing or encouraging better lives with illness, injury, or disability. Occupational Therapy is a profession that is always evolving, and it has become an essential field of healthcare. During early stages, it was known for the provision of human care to the mentally ill.
During the past century, it has advanced into a career that offers rehabilitative services to people with physical, mental, or developmental problems. Initially, it grew on leisure and arts movement with the aim of achieving recovery through engaging in various occupations. With time, it has emphasized boosting the quality of life for everyone other than creating skills among people. The profession was earlier known for working in mental health, but to date, it has expounded to many areas such as working in school programs.
In the profession of Occupational Therapy, I can act as an agent of change by addressing matters and creating relationships through the application and adaption of the clinical skills to the association; this is in accordance to my core values and the ability for self and social awareness. I am advocating for a positive change promote the services, society…

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