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Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bone density to decrease, minimising its strength and leading to fragile bones. This condition literally results in an abnormally proliferous bone. The weak bones tend to break frequently with or without much strain on them. Fractures related to osteoporosis occur mostly in the wrist, hip or spine. Being a living tissue, bone is invariably being broken and replaced. Osteoporosis exists when the removal of bones surpasses the production of new ones, (“Osteoporosis | NIH Osteoporosis And Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center” 1). Osteoporosis affects people of all gender and race. But Asian and white women especially that past menopause are most likely to develop the condition. Currently, over 53million persons in the US either have osteoporosis or are at greater risk of developing it. The fact that a large number of people either have or on the verge of developing the disease proves that it is worth researching about However not all hope is lost as certain medications, exercises and healthy diet aid in preventing bone loss and strengthening the already weak ones.
A person can have osteoporosis for decades and not be aware of it. This is because the condition causes symptoms at the time of fracture. Also, some osteoporosis-related fractures escape detection. For this reason, a patient may only be aware of his/her osteoporosis after suffering a terrible fractu…

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