Osteopathic Medicine REV 7

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Osteopathic Medicine REV 7

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Appraisal of a Case Study: Osteopathic Medicine
The present case study represented the ailment and possible mitigating strategies for a 59-year old school teacher. In a nutshell, the concerned individual suffered from bilateral neck pain. She complained of pain and heaviness in her right shoulder and over the right arm. Her medical history revealed long working hours on the computer and asthma. Moreover, she also suffered from whiplash injury ten years ago. She had constrained relationship with her husband and was under stress. Her possible diagnoses included cervical spine spondylosis, thoracic outlet syndrome and polymyalgia rheumatic. The present article reviewed the etiology of these conditions and the possible mitigation strategies.
Differential Diagnosis of the Proposed Ailments
Differential diagnosis is essential for diagnosing a specific disease and ruling out the probabilities of other diseases. For undertaking, a differential diagnosis the presenting signs and symptoms are correlated with the clinical history of a patient for arriving at the appropriate diagnosis. Differential diagnosis is essential for designing appropriate management/therapeutic strategies. The pathophysiology and differential diagnosis of the predicted c…

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