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The research was aimed at emancipating members of the public on some of the real-life applications of osmosis. Animal and plant cells transport nutrients, mineral salts, and water to various parts of the body through osmosis. However, a substantial number of people are unaware of the application of osmosis in real life. The study offers insight on how osmosis can be applied in medicine and preservation of fruits.
The researchers conducted an experiment to demonstrate how osmosis takes place. A fresh carrot was put in salty water to determine whether there will be changes in size. Red blood cells were put in solutions of varying concentrations, and changes in cell size were noted. Fruits were also put in a solution of higher concentration and the change in water content was recorded.
The findings of the study revealed that water molecules moved from an area that has a higher concentration to a region which has a lower concentration region of high concentration to an area of low concentration. For example, when fruits were put in a solution of raised concentration, the fruits shrank relatively after losing the surplus water. This illustrates how osmosis can be applied in real life.
Discussion and Conclusion
The results of the research cement the idea that osmosis can be applied in real life. The study is meant to educate the community on some of the ways osmosis can be used to make life convenient. A fruit vendor can employ the same tech…

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