OSHA Regulations

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OSHA Regulations

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Occupational Safety
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Occupational Safety
Apparently, for every organization or workplace, the safety of the employees is paramount and should be taken with a lot of consideration as per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Therefore, every work has the right to take action against the company he/she works for and does not guarantee such employee safety.
A good example of a workplace in my environment in my environment is the construction industry. Apparently, it’s the most common industry that mainly deals with the unskilled labor who are mostly used for the manual jobs that require fewer skills and more physical energy. One of the significant hazards that thee workers are exposed to is the working at height challenges. In this, the workers are sometimes forced to work on very tall buildings and thus are exposed to the risk of falling if the employer does not put proper regulations and safety equipment in place. Such threats violate the ladders and scaffolding act of the OSHA standards which require that tall buildings should be constructed only after the availing of all safety equipment such as safety ladders, helmets, and closed shoes. As a way of mitigation, employers should identify the areas vulnerable to falling due to great heights and establish proper ladders together with fencing of the construction sites to prevent the falling slabs and to build stones from causing injury to others. Additionally, w…

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