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19th November, 2015
Case Study: Orthopedics
Rotator Cuff refers to the shoulder joint or more technically the glenohumeral joint. The arrangement of the joint is such that lesser bony stability is associated with. Thus, it does not ball under the category of a true ball and socket joint, which not only provides buffering action during movements and resists stretch. The glenohumeral joint is controlled by the rotator cuff muscles and ligaments. These muscles are called subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor. Improper biomechanics during throwing and repetitive stress can cause injury to these muscles. There can be various forms of tear which can be a partial thickness or full thickness tear. The tendons start to rupture and may or might not progress through the entire length of tendon. Apart from the type of tear, rotator cuff muscle tear is classified according to the size of the tear. Type 1 tears are tears in the tendon which are less than 2 cm and in Type 2 tears the size is greater than 2 cm (Wolf, Dunn & Wright 1007-1116).
The rehabilitation plan for such injuries is very specific. The principle of rehabilitation is to help the athlete regain motion, strength and function of the shoulder on the athletic performance or act. The rehabilitation plan of the athlete in question could be as follows (Burkhart, Morgan & Kibl…

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