Origin of Homo Sapiens

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Origin of Homo Sapiens

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Modern People Descended from Africans
The human evolutionary history is one of the most interesting topics attracting different voices among scholars. Different documentary evidence have been put forward to justify and explain the origin of modern human populations. Notably, a number point out to the origin of the modern man as being Africa owing to its unique features, abundant and fresh vegetation as well as its ambient environmental conditions. It is based on these features that Africa is presumed to befit the title of being the cradle of mankind. Evolution was a gradual process that needed some of these conditions to see the light of day, things that were only found in Africa.
The human origin is probably the most debated issue on the evolutionary chain of human history for a few decades. The evolutionary relationships derived from human genomes vary owing to dynamics in factors that affect the genome sequences, prompted in part, by the environmental changes. The modern humans are the only surviving species that falls under the genus, Homo. Studies have shown that the modern man has since evolved through stages from a common ancestor, Homo erectus that simply means an upright man. Homo erectus refers to an extinct human species that lived approximately 1.9 million years ago.
From an anatomical perspective, humans can be characterized based on their light skeletons. The modern humans have large brains that vary in size from one population…

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