Organizational Behaviour

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Organizational Behaviour

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Organizational Behavior
The term organizational behavior refers to studying how humans behave in the settings of organizations. This aspect involves an interest in how the people carry themselves out as well as the contribution it has to the success of the organization. On the other hand organizational change denotes the transformation done in a bid to better the organization. The behavior of people in organizations may or may not necessitate change (Kavita 31-48). In cases where change is to get applied specific steps have to get followed.
The first step involves assessing the need for change. This aspect means that if there is an issue one has to recognize its existence then get to know where it emanates (Sofer 128-142). This knowledge results in the capability to determine the kind of change necessary.
Secondly, the step that follows involves deciding on the change to make. Once a problem is identified, the change to implement to rectify it gets selected. By doing this, the future state of the organization gets determined (Cummings 22-189). Moreover, this is the stage where underlying obstacles that need this change get identified.
Thirdly, the next stage is implementing the change. Here the type of change chosen gets introduced as well as managed (Dainty & Andrew 463-481). Equally, the decision on the direction this transformation takes gets decided whether its bottom up or top down.
Finally, implementation leads t…

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