Organizational Behavior 1

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Organizational Behavior 1

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Organizational Behaviour (OB) is the study of “how an individual behaves when in an organizational setting.” (Klotz, Anthony C., et al., 635) It is also inclusive of how an individual behaves while alone and when they are in groups. The primary goal of organizational behavior is to provide a deeper understanding on factors that influence group and individual dynamics when people are in an organizational setting to make those organizations which they belong to become more effective and efficient. OB analyzes the behavior of individuals at three different levels which are:
Individual Level Analysis – At this level, OB involves the study of perception, creativity, learning among others. Mainly dependent on psychology at this level.
Group Level of Analysis – Mainly focuses on how people interact. Involves the study of leadership, group dynamics among others. Major contributing disciplines at this level are social psychology, sociology, and anthropology.
Organization System Level Analysis – An organization comprises of a combination of groups. Constitutes the study of topics such as organizational structure, cultural diversity, conflict, organizational culture, technology, and change.
Diversity management takes into consideration the fact that people are different regarding marital status, gender, age, social status, disability, sexual orientation, culture, and religion. There are many benefits associated with diversit…

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