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B.R. Richardson Timber Product Corporation
B.R. Richardson Timber Product Corporation
1. Introduction
B.R. Richardson Timber Products Corporation is a firm that is family owned and deals with lamination of lumber and transforms them into beams to be used in the construction for other purposes. The company has been having an easy time in the business as the market was good and they were making a good profit until the alarm was raised on the morale of the employees decreased and the production started going down making the owners concerned. Consequentially, they decided to consult on how to motivate their workers and prevent the company from losing business and collapsing. The purpose of this essay is to conduct an analysis on the issue affecting the company from the information provided and subsequently provide the recommendation to the changes that need to be introduced. The scope of the paper is to identify the issues that are causing the decrease in the morale and give advice on the strategies necessary for handling the situation.
2. Issues
The problem of decrease in morale is linked to reduced productions and is just symptoms that have been caused by other factors in the company. The main problems have related the staffs, process as well as the strategies and systems in the organization.
People and the Process
Firstly, the company lacks clarity of the goals, and it is only occasionally that the senior managers communicate about their goals wh…

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