options for young people and adults.

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options for young people and adults.

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Post 16 Options for Young People and Adults
Traditionally, options for the pupils at the age of 16 years and above were limited to either continue their education or leave school so that they engage in employment. Although, many pupils still prefer either of these two options, many opportunities have been made available for these pupils (Meschi 183). The government seems to have increased the focus on the number of options for those pupils aged 16 years and above. The reason for this increased focus is to see the number of those pupils who are not in employment, education or training reduced to a bigger level. To achieve this, the following post 16 options are available for young people and adults.
6th form
The 6th form education is available for the students between the ages of 16 to 18 where they are allowed to choose their subjects of interest (Meschi 184). At this level, the students are more confident about their strengths as they have already taken public examinations. Students at the sixth form use the opportunity to plan for their life beyond by choosing both inside and beyond the classroom.
Further Education College
Further Education College is the level of study a student can take after finishing GCSEs at the school (Meschi 184). Further education is vital in boosting career prospects and the potential of future earnings. It is as well the foundation which prepares a student for university education.

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