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Opinion-article review revised

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Opinion on Article Review
Transition: After my second point, I will now express my view on the two articles.
The initial article is titled “THREATENED AND DAMAGED: PROTECTING SACRED PLACES” by Suzan Shown Harjo published in 2013. It is about the current and future threats of sacred places. It also describes each sacred site and its significance to the different Native Tribes. The second article appears on usnews.com titled “Uranium Mining’s Past Colors Mount Taylor Mine’s Future” by Kathy Helms. It was posted on May 23, 2018. It speaks about the threats of uranium mining in sacred regions. It speaks specifically on Mount Taylor.
My view on the first article is that it is well researched and informative. My judgment while reading this article is that it was an educational piece for someone not well versed with the topic. It is written in a style that is simple to understand. This article speaks about several themes based on one issue. It gave a detailed explanation of all subjects that were part of the article. All the information is backed up by credible sources that are from reputable organizations such as US Geological Survey and copyrights from the University of Pennsylvania.
The article gives a vast background on the topic. It introduces the subject with definitions to make it easier for the reader to understand the goal of the publication. The history of the matter is in the article to enable the reader to recogni…

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