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Operations ManagementFramework

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Operations Management Framework
I work as a pharmacist in a pharmaceutical manufacturing firm that specializes in the distribution of medical supplies. The Operations Management (OM) framework in the organization comprises managers at the strategic level, the intermediate level, and the operational level. These levels are determined by the nature of decisions made at that level. Strategic decisions are long-term and have the greatest impact on the firm while the tactical decisions address issues of managing resources according to the company’s strategic plans. On the other hand, operational decisions involve planning routine activities (Stevenson, 2014).
The main aim of the company is to uphold a constant supply of pharmaceuticals in the ordering facilities while ensuring effective use of resources. In regard to the company’s main goal, strategic operation managers decide on the geographic coverage of the company, and the facilities and companies to make partnerships or contracts with. Managers at the strategic level play the role of determining the company’s extent of decentralization, approving procurement of different assets such as vehicles and storage equipment. On the other hand, managers at the tactical level address issues such as inventory control, managing orders, maintenance of vehicles and other assets, scheduling deliveries and collection of supplies and managing employees.
There are also managers at the lowest level of OM …

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