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Online Shopping

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From: Win PhyuDate: January 8, 2018
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Statement of the problem
Since the invention of the internet, people have reduced their meeting, what traditionally required assembly gets done through the internet. Shopping is no exception as many people have resorted to doing their shopping online. Stores like Amazon and Alibaba have made fortunes as online marketplaces. Like traditional physical shopping, it is worth understanding what motivates online shoppers. With each passing day, society tends to prefer online shopping over conventional shopping. Today, the internet of things (IoT) makes online shopping a daily exercise. For example, Amazon’s Alexa makes online shopping an exciting activity (Smith a). Apart from the ease associated with online shopping, many unexplored reasons have made a majority of shoppers to adopt the shopping mode; those factors are worth exploring. Online shopping is the future of E-business no matter where in the world.Analysis of the audience
Online shopping is not a preserve of a certain age of persons. However, those beyond the age of 65 are less likely to shop online when compared to their juniors (Smith). Having that in mind, the information that would exist as a consequence of conducting the proposed research would be fit for all ages. When referring to all ages, this includes people seeking more information on online shopping, future researchers, and consumers in general. With an objective of contributing to the e…

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