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one question for GoPro case.

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GoPro Case Analysis
After GoPro launched its first cameras in 2004, its sales volumes increased tremendously superseding those of other companies such as Sony, Nikon, and Garmin. Evidently, the company had secured its leadership position in the market by the year 2012 with a market coverage of 26 percent (Tarr 6). Although GoPro’s macro-environment is favorable, the company need to strategize its moves in the market due to increased competition and technological shifts in photography that is threatening its presence and performance in the market.
PESTLE analysisPolitical
Political events such as violence, corruption, bureaucracy, and military activities can affect an industry and its player both in long-term and short-term basis since they determine the level of risk in a particular market. For example, in countries with military activities, the use of cameras other products is likely to decline due to reduced tourism that creates demand for photography.
Economic factors include inflation, foreign exchange, and depression can influence the demand and rate of investment in industry. Income level can have impacts to GoPro’s macro-environment since based on the level of disposable income or expenditures. For example, the fall in China’s economy 2015 caused many investors to pull back as GoPro’s stock fell by 25 percent leading to an 8 percent market decline (Guillen 1). A similar case has been captured in …

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