One Personal Quality

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One Personal Quality

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One Personal Quality

The desire to modernize the present education system is one of my priorities, and also my strongest area of competency. From my childhood, I have been good at studies, and the field of Biological Sciences really appealed to me. The CGPA grades, which I received in my academics was appreciable and excellent throughout. While studying at high school, I helped my peers with academics and made them understand various topics with ease and simplicity. I was respected and appreciated for my efforts both by my teachers and my friends. During those days, I always thought about an Interactive Educational System, which could be maneuvered in the best interest of the student. In academics, all our mentors are highly competent, but the need for different students seems to vary. Such needs may be due to general intelligence, language barriers, or cognitive barriers.

I believed in the concept of “Same Understanding-Same Reflection.” The idea was deeply rooted in me. My quest for innovation always made me competent and helped me to find new and novel solutions. When the call comes in the education system, I become extremely motivated in delivering my expertise. One such opportunity came in my life, when my uncle, who is also the owner of, asked me to join his organization. The company provided homework and educational solutions in the field of academics and wanted to develop an “App”. I was asked to join the beta-testing arm of the development proc…

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