On how Truman Capote interviewed witnesses from In Cold Blood

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On how Truman Capote interviewed witnesses from In Cold Blood

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How Truman Capote Interviewed Witnesses From In Cold Blood

According to Truman Capote, he based his non-fiction story on a true story that he conducted the interview with the local residents and investigators assigned to the case. He further conducted more interviews with the suspected killers, Richard Hickock and Perry Smith in the prison cells. In one of the interviews he attended, Capote points out that most of the scenes in the movie were filmed in the specific locations where the incidences took place.
As a stranger within Kansas, Capote finds it hard to find the answers that he came in search of. Most of the people in the neighborhood did not know him and feared speaking about the incident with him. He meets his longtime friend Nelle Haper Lee who helps him in relating with the people he wanted to talk to and in the event he is introduced to the Hopes who later introduced him to Dewey, an agent who worked in the case. Dewey and Capote become best of friends and thus Capote is able to get more evidence to write in his book.

As Clutters suspected killers were caught in Las Vegas and brought back to Kansas, Lee and Capote had a chance to interview them personally about the crime. And it is at this particular time that Capote started working on his article that later evolved to be the non-fiction master piece, In Cold Blood. Although he was denied an interview initially, citing that interviews with such condemned prisoners has …

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