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Octcomes managment

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Outcomes Management and Fitness
Outcome management can be defined as set activities for planning, managing and achieving the desired results from initiatives. According to Ellwood (1549), it is a technology of patient understanding that is developed to assist patients, providers and payers make rational choices related to medical care based on better approaches into the impact of such choices on the life of the patient. Therefore, as a tool for improving health care, outcomes management can systematically improve the health status of people, communities and groups through the implementation of fitness or rehabilitation programs that can be measured by variables such as physiological variables, psychological variables, patient satisfaction, cost containment and statistical procedures. Physical exercise outcomes have the strength of bringing a positive change in health that is directly associated with exercise conditioning in a patient.
Mandatory outcomes management programs will have a positive effect on rehabilitation and wellness programs in the future. These programs will most likely change the physical functions and the quality of lives for patients diagnosed with various medical conditions. For example, general fitness for diabetes patients improves the acute and long-term blood glucose. Patients with cancer are expected to experience improved pain-free movement, as well as the range of movement. Hypertension patients are likely to…

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