Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics Revised

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Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics Revised

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Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics
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Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics
Occupation Therapy Code of Ethics (2015), was planned and initiated to aid and support a safe environment at the place of work for the members of the American Occupation Therapy Association (AOTA, 2014b). This paper will critically compare and contrast the values and the code of principles.
The first principle is beneficence; it requires occupational therapy personnel to act in a manner that promotes good and benefits the recipient. This principle is similar to altruism as a value as both exhibits concern for the beneficiary’s welfare. The second principle is non-maleficence, and it gives strict instructions to employees not to cause any harm to their clients. However, this policy has some contrast to the code of ethics. Non-maleficence is designed with the explicit expectation of which action is forbidden. On the other hand, for equality as a value, an employee has been given independence on how to make an appropriate decision on the actions to take for as long as recipients are treated without bias or harm.
Autonomy as a third principle calls for privacy, consent, confidentiality, and respect for individual rights. This principle is attached to dignity as a code of ethics as it also advocates for the recipients to be treated with utmost respect. The fourth principle is justice, and it advocates for fairness as the occupational therapy personnel executes his mandat…

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