Occupational Therapy 2

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Occupational Therapy 2

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Occupational Therapy
I would like to begin by welcoming all the residents to this meeting where my aim is to familiarize all of you about occupational therapy and how it can influence your lives. Occupational therapy began as early as 100 B.C when the famous Greek physician HYPERLINK “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asclepiades_of_Bithynia” o “Asclepiades of Bithynia” Asclepiades used music, exercises, baths, and massages to treat mental illnesses. However, most occupational therapists today redirect the focus from solely treating mental illnesses and towards psychosocial therapy. I wish to talk about the modern definition of occupational therapy and its influence on the residents. I will also illuminate on the impact of this treatment on a person’s sense of independence.
Today, occupational therapy is the assessing and treating of people of all lifestyles and ages to develop and recover back to their daily lives or work skills. It is most useful to people who suffer from physical, psychological, or cognitive disorders. It centres on the client and drives him or her towards his or her goals, whether in their career or their home. Occupational therapy focuses on enabling a person to participate better in his or her daily activities. To achieve this, it requires adapting to the relative environment, educating the client, and changing their tasks (McColl, 2003). A good occupational therapist needs to be patient, determined, have common sense, and enthusiasm.
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