Occupational Safety and Health Training and Development

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Occupational Safety and Health Training and Development

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Occupational Safety
Employees have the responsibility of ensuring that they safely perform the assigned tasks while complying with the company’s existing health and safety regulations. They need to identify, as well as familiarize themselves with their working areas’ safety standards and emergency plan. One way of making sure employees know how to handle equipment is through active learning. Generally, active learning is defined as any method that is instructional in a way that it engages learners in the process. This method necessitates the learner to do “meaningful learning activities” and think about what they are undertaking. While the basic definition may include conventional activities such as in practice and homework, “active learning” refers to elements of activities that get introduced into the learning process. The core aspects of “active learning” include the learners’ engagement and activity in the process. This type of learning is often compared to the conventional lecture where learners receive information passively from the instructor.
Group and individual active learning activities may be incorporated and utilized into “safety training course on machine guarding.” The activities in this kind of learning encourage the learners to participate actively and in the enhancement of learning experience through allowing the learners to be actively engaged in the entire process. Participants are also provided with an opportu…

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