Obstacles in the American Dream

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Obstacles in the American Dream

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American Dream
American dreams are the missions and goals targeted by the United States of America and it involves realization of equality, liberty and constitutional rights and happiness to its citizens. In essence, it involves owning a good house, car and living quality and satisfactory life in general. However, these goals and objectives of every citizen, community and the nation at large are thwarted by several obstacles:
First, ownership of good residential homes and good cars by families or at personal level comes with a high cost as compared to the income creation hence is burdensome. The newly employed citizens are carrying the burden of their families as those of their parents who had not saved for retirement. Addition to that is the burden of student’s loan debt which needs to be repaid making the American dream almost impossible to achieve at the moment (Chetty, Raj, et al., 402).
Secondly, there is the obstacle of social tension in the country due to many races and cultures and even religions. The white Americans, for example, are thought to be more superior and are almost living the dream than the Asians and African Americans hence creating tension politically and even politically. Gender parity has aggravated the social tension as men are likely to achieve the dream than the women since women as still fighting for promotion and wage increment at the workplace. The increased crime rate is …

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