Observational Learning

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Observational Learning

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Observational Learning
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Psychology and behavior are two aspects that work hand in hand. Psychology influences behavior by altering the processes of the mind thus affecting learning, understanding and ultimately behavior. There are different ways through which people learn and develop behavior. The various methods of learning are used in media for creating attention to specific subjects and also to elicit certain reactions by the masses. One of the critical methods of learning is through observation. Observational learning involves the learning associated with the observation of the behaviors of others. It occurs in humans without the need for reinforcement, but it also requires a role model which in most cases is usually in the form of a sibling, parent or a friend. It is a learning theory that was championed by a psychologist by the name of Albert Bandura through the classic Bobo doll experiment (Stone, 2017).
Observational learning occurs through states that include attention which is associated with taking interest in behavior by another person, retention which is associated with remembering the observed behavior, reproduction which is associated with initiating and reproducing the behavior and finally is motivation to recreate the activity for it to be a learned and accepted behavior (Stone, 2017).
Observational learning is one of the most common ways of learning for humans. It is also used in the media to influence people’s m…

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